Quick Note - My Summer Must Have - Tee & Shorts

Tee - H&M (HKD49.9)
Shorts - Tao Bao 
Phone Case - Kate Spade
Earphone - Philips (HKD69)

Just want to write a quick blog about my summer outfit which I really adore! 

My H&M tee is my current favourite!!!!!! I don't know how thankful I have picked this up. Don't even want to mention the price is only HKD49.9. It has really soft and breathable texture and at the same time it is tough to give you some shape of the clothes. You know when you have some really thin clothes, it tends to stick to your body which is really ignoring and hot in the summer. The best point of having such a slightly tough tee is that it allows air to go inside the body from the bottom of the tee. So COOOL! And it is grey in colour which means I can match is easily with my flower printed top shop jeans and newly bought ankle blue topshop jeans or the shorts I shown in the picture above. Basically I wear it every weekend whenever I am out! ;) So comfy. Go grab one really!

This flower printed shorts is one of the shorts that I ordered online for my honeymoon to Australia. It ends up coming here late and it doesn't go to honeymoon with me. But I do love it very much. I think I particularly love flower printed shorts, pants, tees or dress. It is just so girly.

Pink Poka Dot Kate Spade I phone case adds a little bit colour to the summer look! When it matches with my Philips Baby Blue Earphone, I think it is very colourful and cheers me up whenever I look at it. Normally, I would buy pink colour earphone, but I don't know I start feeling some kind of blue (like the post which I write about a blue nail polish) can also match me too. [side note: My husband has told me that my blue nail polish is surprisingly matched me. He thought only girly like colour i.e. pink would be on my nail that look nice. So, always open to new things and let it surprises you and your husband.]

Just a really quick blog to make sure you know the very comfy H&M tee. H&M has currently had some really cool stuff at store. If you have some money to spend, go there and check it out! ;) 

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