5 Beauty Tips on how to use skincare products

Skincare routine is always the basic thing we need to do everyday and I'm dying to understand how people wash their face, what product they use and which product is the best? After a few years of research, I found out that it is not only the products we use that matter. it is HOW we apply it that makes the different. 

Tips 1: Cleaning Foam - While we are applying a cleaning foam, make sure the foam is thick like the photo shown. It is always the foam that do the job, but not your hand rubbing your face. If your foam is thick enough, your fingers are actually massaging the foam and the foam is rubbing your face (your fingers are just slighting contacting our face). This is always important as rubbing your face so hardly, not only can age your skin, but the sticky dirt wouldn't come out just because you rub so hard. That's the reason we need skincare product. 

Tips 2: Use of Softener - It is very important to use softener. It can help directing the lotion/cream that we use later on to the deeper part of the skin and it really improves the texture of your skin. I have redness around the nose and I come to release that it is because I always forgot to moisturise that area and it becomes try. So, always put an extra effort in that area when applying softener and lotion/cream.

Tips 3: Lotion / Cream: Should I use lotion or cream? It really depends on what skin type you are. If you are in late 10s to early 30s and your skin type is neutral. Lotion is the answer. As you wouldn't feel the stickiness and have applied softener and will apply water lotion. I'm sure it will be enough to moisturised the face. But if you are having dry skin or you are at mid to late 30s or older. Cream will be a better choice as our body are getting harder to absorb water and are not providing sufficient water to the skin. Cream is the best method in prevent aging of your beautiful skin. Sometimes oily skin shall use cream as well. You may want to ask why oily skin person still use cream? The reason your skin is oily sometimes is because your face does not have sufficient water and it generates oil to protect the dry skin. If you are having dry skin, it is the best to choose skincare brand with an oily skin care line. It would have a particular function that helps your skin resume to normal texture. My husband is having oily skin and I introduced a face wash and a moisturiser to him. He is so pleased he finally found a prefect product to make his shinny oily skin away.

One of the important tips in applying lotion/cream is to massage it slightly. Circling your front head, your cheek and your jaw and don't forget the nose area. Massage it until you feel the moisturiser is fully absorbed by your skin.

Tips 4: Eye cream - I haven't used eye cream when I was young. I always think that eye cream is expensive and I can use face lotion to do the same job. But then I found that there are little tiny spots come out and it is due to the face that face lotion is too oily to my sensitive eyes area. When people have tiring eyes due to watching computer/ipad for too long, we really need some particular cream to tickle the dark eyes circle and baggy eyes problem. 

When applying the eye cream, I like putting the cream evenly on top and under my eyes. So I can make sure the upper and lower part of my eyes are being moisturised evenly. I used to place it under my eyes only and when I circle it up, it is not enough cream for the upper part of the eyes. I massage it by making an outward circle until all the cream is absorbed. The massaging can always help the blood flow and help to resolve the dark eyes cycle problem.

Tips 5: Water Lotion: It is one of the most important part as it helps locking all the products that you have applied, especially you would be in an air conditioning office or you would sleep with an air-con on. This time, I would put the water lotion directly to my hand, put it right to my face and clap it slightly to help with the absorption. Claping is very important as it helps to make sure the water lotion is stick to my face, but not just hang on the surface and being blow by the winds easily.

This is the skincare routine that I do everyday and little tricks that I developed and learnt during the years. I am no where an expertise but I hope this helps you and you know with a good skin, people can never find out how old you are! Keep it up!

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