The Place That I Live - Hong Kong

I seldom talk about the place that I live. Not because I don't love where I live, it is just sometimes when I live in the place, I get used to it and forget to treasure the environment that I have. 

Whenever I have holiday, I dream of traveling to a place that I have never been to. However, there are in fact lots of places in Hong Kong I have never been to. I play tourist today and I found that there is beautiful sky that I search for overseas right on top of my head. I just always too rush for my life, always look down at the road that I am walking and missed all the fun part of my life. 

Now, may I introduce you the place that I live, which is full of tall building due to the high population density. That is in fact how we survive in this little city. If there is not enough space for people, think harder to find way to live! People here work really hard. They always work more than 40 hours a week, sometimes they skip lunch just to finish a project. Working people always talk about work life balance because this is something that they dream of. They work really hard to make Hong Kong a prospective city for themselves, for the next generations. Now, I am living in the beautiful city that created by the prior generation and I am very thankful for this. The next question is what do we want to create to our next generation? A speech free environment? a safe place where people love each other? Rich people help the poor? Poor people strive the best for their life? 

I wish Hong Kong all the best. I see Hong Kong changes a lot especially changes from western to Asian way of living. We always afraid of changing as human love living in the comfort zone. However, changing isn't necessarily be worse, it can be better. If we understand what we want, work on it, the life that we dream of will come! We suffer from many difficulties now and in the past and we overcomes it and I'm sure our hard working, always strive for the best character can create a better future! Go Hong Kong!

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