This week's WEAR / EATS / LIFE is pretty amazing for me and I can't wait to share it to you. Let's get started. 


ZARA is currently on sales. The best thing for having ZARA sales not just because we can get a discount price on clothes, it also means you can have another chance to buy some of the old items that you have missed in the hot sessions. You know ZARA changes their item really quickly, if you love a shirt, you don't buy it today, you may not be able to find it the next day. I have saw Zoella wear this little clothes in her vlog and love it ever since. I love stripe and floral prints is my current favourite. This two pattens combined together is just lovely. It costs HK$299 originally and it is now HK$149 only. It still have small and median size left in Labour City's stores. If you are interested in buying those, go and rap it quickly before it is too late! The stores are really hectic yesterday. 


I love C!TYSUPER. It always has so many yummy and healthy food that I cannot normally buy in the superstores next-door. This time, my husband and I go crazy! We have bought the following yummy non-resistable food:-

HUMMUS: For those you don't know, hummus is made of chickpeas,tahini, olive oil, lemon juice etc. It is high in Vitamin B6 and C, iron, protein and dietary fiber. It is very yummy to eat with pita bread as breakfast. 
PITA BREAD: It is a wheat bread and basically I was introduced by my husband in our honeymoon. I have never tried it before. If you have read my Honeymoon in Tasmania Vlog post you would know that it can eat with cheese and it is sooooo good! If you never try it before, try it and you would be addicted to it. 
ROASTED GARLIC CHICKEN SAUGAGE: This is not really a healthy food, but I really love Garlic sausage, if we forget about the processing meat part (which is quite hard), garlic is really good to defend our body from diseases. At the very least, it serves one purpose. 
SAUERKRAUT: I still remember when my husband brought me to eat Germany food in my last birthday. He told me that sauerkraut is in fact VERY healthy and full of good nutrients. I like sour food, so it is my taste and healthy. Double benefit. 
JAPANESE BEANS: It is full of proteins, but I don't like the taste, so this is for my husband only.
GRANOLA: It is currently a very popular healthy breakfast and snack in the western world. Not many HK people know about it, I don't even tried it before. I just know it is fully of oat, nut, honey and I would like to have healthy breakfast instead of eating bread every morning, so I give it a go. It is quite sweet, so it will be better to eat with other oat with no sugar.
MOZZARELLA: For me it is cheese dumplings. I love cheese and I love dumplings and Chinese dumplings always has lots of veggies instead of cheese. So this fulfil my desire!


BOOK: Speaking of life, it is a lot going on in my life. A lot of changes, a lot happening, a lot of decisions to make. Although things are not totally as I dream of currently, I still find the process of experience let me understand more about myself and what I want. To be honest, I am figuring out what I want my life to be, especially when I am just married, I have a new role. How I can balance my role as a wife, my role as an excellent employee and daughters all at the same time. I am losing the balance at the moment and need some guide. I found this book. HOW TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. If you don't like reading complicated book and you like to have some little picture next to the content to push you through. This is the ideal book for you. It provides steps on how I can walk back to a happy life by understand myself through simply thing in life. It is a very inspirational book and I recommend it for those who is currently not feeling 100% happy. I haven't finished it yet and may write more about it later.

BATH: I have never had a bath at home as I think it is a waste of water. But yesterday I really want to give myself a nice treat by having a relaxing hot bath. I go to LUSH and buy bath product to prepare for my Lavendar Bubble bath (French Kiss). This smell really nice and hot bath helps to booths my blood flow which is really good to my health. I love the feeling when I come out the bath, but then I stay awake until 3am and can't sleep, what happen to my body?! Funny! :)

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