TOPSHOP EYELINER - This is the first time I buy an eyeliner and attempted to use it in a normal shopping day. (I tried it during my pre-wedding photo shot while I do my makeup by myself). I think I am in love with topshop eyeliner. It is very easy to use. The colour is easily stick onto the skin and you know as a new user, I probably need to rub it off and draw it again several times, but it can be rub it off not messily. So I highly recommend it to any new learner like me and it costs only HKD89. If you find eyeliner really isn't your thing, the investment isn't that high. 


PINEAPPLE BUN - I love eating pineapple bun, but if you are a heavy person, you would know that it would make you fat. So I try to do it myself and use the least amount of oil to bake it.  You may think it is very difficult to bake, you are right, but not anymore! I found that there is a box of package with all the required ingredient available for sale in supermarket next door. I am just simply follow the instruction, mix it with eggs and butter and put it in the oven, then it is done.  


HAPPY FATHERS' DAY -  Today is a Fathers' Day in Hong Kong. I would like to take this opportunity to let my father's know how much I love him. He is the best father on earth and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Everyone should spend more time with their love one before it is too late!

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