4 Current Hair and Body Favourite

My current bathroom favourite a pretty simple, effort able and it works really well to me. Let see what are they. 

Essential Rich Premier Shampoo (around HKD50): I currently love ESSENTIAL hair stuff. It makes my hair really soft, smooth, fully moisturised but not too wet. I have long hair and I also ion my hair quite often and I like drying my hair every time I washed my hair, so it's not surprise that I have split hair when my hair grows longer. However, after I use this shampoo, hair mask, not only it has its detangle function, I have no more split hairs. I am very curious of what ingredients do the job, so I search it. I found it is highly concentrated with honey and milk protein, that's why it can maintain my hair healthy. So thumb up for that! 

Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey Hair Mask (around HKD60): We need to take really good care of our hair as you know healthy hair changes how you look, if you have nasty hair, no matter how stylish you wear, it completely changed the look. So I love having the hair mask two to three times a week. I just apply after I washed my hair, leave it like 3 minutes before rinsing with water. I found it makes my hair extra soft and smooth. It also provides a protective layer on top of the hair which maintain the healthiness of the hair. I love this pink line of Essential, as it gives air between hair and provide some volume naturally.  

H2O Raspberry Guava: This is a body wash with little sand inside to help erasing dead skin. This is actually a Christmas gift from my auntie. She gives us two pack and this is the 2nd pack that we used. My hubby doesn't really like the strong scent of raspberry. It actually is like a child coughing drug taste. I think it is fine. I like the thick texture that I feel as I don't really like sand all over my body when the body lotion isn't thick enough to protect my skin. I would normally used one or two times a week, but I will never use it on the sensitive area. You know it is always not good if the sands go inside.

Dove Beauty Nourishing: For body wash, I really like using Johnson baby or Dove. I think it is affordable but do a really good job. It moisturised my skins well, especially in the summer. We need to open air con overnight which drys my hair. Dove would help washing and moisturising my body at the same time. 

I'm just a woman next door and use really simple bathroom product, like you and your friends. Please let a comment to let me know what products you use and I may try it out if I can buy it in HK. ;)

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