5 Ways to Code with a Bad Day

Everybody has its ups and downs. There is not necessary be bad if you are suffering from a bad day. This is in fact a better opportunity for you to rethink about life and see how you can make a better person on earth. At the end of the day, human has ups and downs and you will be amazed by how much you can do to get rib of a bad day.

When I say 5 ways to code with a bad day is in fact one way to deal with it. It is very simple: DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER! Do what you want to do and ignore what you should do. Here are some of the things that I like doing when I am having a bit of a down time:-

Watching Youtube: You know how much I obsessed in watching youtube video. Not only because I would like to learn more English. I like to understand their lifestyle, discover what people do in the other part of the world and try dreaming of what I can do to build a prefect life that I can happily live with. Take action for it when I finished feeling down. 

Eating Nasty Food: In ordinary day, I would be fully aware of what I should eat, how healthy I need to be. But when I am down, I would become crazy and eat all the nasty snack that I am craving for but not allow myself to eat normally in order to feel the joy of evilness, release, care free. Be careful of this feeling, make sure it is just one tiny little treat for yourself and don't feel lost in this evil joy for too long. 

Eating Healthy Food: I know.. I know.. I am stupid when I am down. After the evil feeling has gone. I feel sorry for myself. The best thing to recover from this stupid feeling is to eat something healthy (if I am still hungry). This can balance off what I have just did (stupid thought again). But hey, it is a bad day, I am just doing something within my control to keep myself happy! :) By the way, blueberry granola with a little bit of water is really yummy! Try this healthy snack. 

Talk with Someone that You Love: It doesn't necessary talk about the thing that mess you up. Just listen to their voice, reading their text, feeling the love would make you much much more better.  When you feel full on the inside, you would become strong and the bad feeling cannot defeat you.

Sharing your Methods Online: This is what I am doing. I might just writing something that no one is reading. But having to hope that someone read my post might benefit from it can actually makes me feel better. Helping other in a tiny little pieces trained me up to be a better person and reminds me that if I have such quality, life wouldn't be worse than I thought it would be. God or Wisdom angels will be there to guide me through the day. 

I know there are lots more ways to deal with a bad day like tidying up your room, reading good books or magazines. Please share it with me and I hope the post that I wrote above can inspire you a little and speak soon!

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