This week's WEAR/EAT/LIFE has changed a bit slightly to BUY/EAT/LIFE because I really want to tell you all about an amazing shop - Laura Ashley . Laura Ashley is a home furnishing shop which sells products from plates, cups to bed sheet. If you are a floral print lover like I do, you have to go to this shop. I am sure you would love every single product that they sell and would love to bring them all home. Some of the floral print products are very loud and make you feel old fashioned, but Laura Ashley's product is very classy. Also, if you need to buy a present to a girl friend, here is the place you have to shop around. 


If you have watched the most popular Korea program recently, you would love eating deep fried chicken with beer. Red Chicken in Tsim Sha Tsui will be the place you can enjoy yummy deep fried chicken and really huge beer. Be prepare that Korean food would normally be a little bit spicy. If you are not able to eat spicy food, you can order sweet fried chicken. The crispy chicken is the most unforgettable dishes ever! Really love the texture and it is the best Korea restaurant I have ever eaten so far. A little tips: Red Chicken's dish is comparatively large, if you go there with 4 friends in total (including you), ordering 3 dishes will be quite satisfying. Don't expect their beer is in normal bottle sized, their beer is HUGE. It can definitely be shared with your boy/girl friend (given you are not a bear lover. :). 


Last Sunday, I went to a wedding ceremony with my husband. It was the first time we attended a wedding after ours. The feeling is completely different. I fully understand how the bride and groom feel on that day, how grateful they are to be able to stand in front of their loved one to tell the world that he/she will be the one for a life time. Before my wedding, I thought it is just some standard words you need to say in front of people, when you have the experience, this is a complete different story. 

Dress - H&M
Heels - Jelly Bean (Japan) 

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