5 of Your Friends in Life

How many best friend do you have? One? Two? Dozen? No matter how many best friend you have, there is always one of the friends who look like you, think like you and most of all understand you. I heard that you are 5 closest friends you always be around.

They most likely be, your family, your husband/boyfriend, your best friends and your colleagues(Good or Bad). Why you are five of the closest friends?
1) They defined you because people like being with the one who make him/her happy. When they feel happy, they want to be that person.
2) When people treat you well, you would like to do the same.
3) When you have problems, you would discuss with those closest to you and the inspire you, deliver their thinking to your brain. Your believe & thought slight adjusted from time to time. If you digested and thought differently, you most probability move further away from that person.

Who are your 5 person? How do they inspired you?!

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