Easy 5 Step Receipt - Sushi

Ingredient: Egg, Cucumber,Crab meat, Seaweed, Cheese, Kimchi, Rice, Rice Vinegar

Step 1: Cook the rice. When the rice is ready, add rice vinegar according to the vinegar guideline.

Step 2: Cook the Egg in a pan and cut the other ingredient like the above picture.

Step 3: Place the seasweed on the Sushi mat, add rice and other ingredients with the amount as shown on the picture above.

Step 4: Roll it over and use the Sushi Mat to ensure the thinness is even throughout the seaweed roll.

Step 5: Cut it into small pieces and enjoy.

Japanese Sushi can be quick and easy to cook. Give it a try and let it be your ready to go meal.


  1. You make sushi creating sound easy, we just love eating it but haven't tried making it! We will give your recipe a try, thanks for sharing, it looks delicious!

    ISA Professional