Summer Beauty Buys

It is summer time! It means there is time that I can go out and have lots of fun under the sun. It also means a colourful season for me! There are some of the items which I think would be totally fit this colourful summer. Let's see if any of these catch your eyes.

Topshop Hair Bend (HK$49): Summer is hot, but I don't want to cut my hair short. The only way out of this complicated situation is to pull my hair up. How can I make it more summer like? Topshop has the answer for me. This floral print pink hair bend is exactly what I wanted. This pastel bright pink with green leaves and flower print makes me feel I am in a holiday! Love it so much!
Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss: I like wearing nude lipgloss in the summer. I don't know why, I feel that bright red is for the winter and nude is for the summer. This Honey Pump gloss with little sprinkles inside is what I wear all the time in the summer. The magic happens when the sun shines on the lips - SPRINKLING! 
TOPSHOP Rose Petal Nail Polish (HK$99 for 2): I like wearing grey, short pants an sandal in the summer. It is also nice to have some pink (Pink + Grey - win!) to give a little bit of energy into my look. I think this colourful rose petal nail polish is pretty! When I need to take photo with my friends dying any outdoor activity. It will also be the phone that catch people's eyes!

I spend quite some time to make up this post, I hope you enjoy reading it and let me know what is your favourite beauty buys and don't forget to follow me in blogloving! :D

Have a great Monday!
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  1. That hair scrunchie/tie is super cute on you! Chic and practical way of keeping hairs away when it's stinking hot. And loving that nail hue, very pretty. I'm curious, are the Topshop varnishes any good? I'd guess by price they'd chip fairly quickly and all...


    1. The topshop varnishes is good. However, it is not very shiny and can last for around 3 days. With this inexpensive price, I think the quality is quite outstanding. ;)

      By the way, thanks for leaving me comments. You are the first one who leave comments here and I am very thankful for it. Your website is very cool! :)