2 of the Best Mascara

There are two Mascara I have repurchase for so many years and their quality never fails me. The reason I blogged about two of my favourite mascara is that they complementing each other. When you go to an event which needs to dressed up, you most probably need the dark one (Lash Expander) and if you are on casual occasion the red one (Dejavu Fiberwig) will be what you need. Here is my review:-

Dejavu Fiberwig - Extra Long: It has extensive function which helps to make you have really long eyelash. If you are going on a causal occasion with your friend and you don't want to look overly dressed up, but you would like to look pretty. This will be the mascara that you want. It wouldn't make your eyes look too dark, it is kind of natural, but make your eyes ten time more "awake". 

However, this mascara is not water proof. If you are going on a water activity, this will not be your choice. It is not  super long lasting too, my husband has helped me to remove the fall off mascara on my face during a long night out. One good point for not having water-proof function is that it can be removed easily. I don't particular fancy taking a long time making sure my mascara is completely removed (mascara remains always contribute to the reason of deepen dark eye circle). A casual day with an easy washed make up is what I wanted on daily basis. 

Majolica Majorca - Lash Expander Frame Plus: Perhaps you can already guessed this is for a high-ended event where you need a full make up. This mascara has all you need for the best mascara - long lasting, water-proof, super extension and make your eyelash really dark. It also has the ability to help holding your eyelash up for the whole night. I totally in love with the product when I apply it but not when I remove it. AS this is super water-proof. It makes me a very long time to remove it. My Sheshedo Make-up Removal gel is not strong enough to remove it, sometimes I still find some mascara leftover when I wash my face in the next morning. I suggest using cleaning oil which particular for eye makeup to remove it. One side note: You make find the rush is all plastic unlike the normal one, don't worry. It is completely normal and it do the job equally well or even better, as it don't jam the mascara in one lump when you want to apply it. 

I hope this little review give you some good ideas for which mascara to be purchased and let me know what mascara you are using and how does it go? 

Have a nice weekend! - ALK -

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