Summer Outfit of Three Days

Topshop Grey Dress (HK$409) + Jelly Beans Heels: I have shop around at Topshop and found this lovely dress. I think it can easily dressed  up and down by changing heels and sandals. Very cool for the hot summer! 

Pink Clothes + Topshop Jeans (HK$499) + Toms Shoes: Everytime I go shopping at Topshop, there is always clothes that I love and I can't go without them. I won't regret buying it even the price is a bit high. Their quality is so good. This jeans are very stretchy and thin. I won't feel hot even I wear it in the summer. Perhaps it is deal to the cut on the knees?! 

Grey Clothes + Short Pants + Laces Sandals: This are all what I bought last summer (except the Sandals). I have a quick tidy up of my wardrobe and found lots of clothes that I fancy and thought I don't need to buy anymore clothes for the summer. I have done some mix and match and here comes the look. The floral print on the shirt and sandals and star print on the pants find their own harmony. I love this look so much! 

I'm no way an experts in fashion. I just love what I wear and wearing clothes that I love makes me happy! I hope it gives some ideas to you! 

* Alk *

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