How Do I Organise My Wardrobe?

Have you ever experienced a wardrobe which has no drawer? You can simply put clothes and trousers on top of each other. When you try to pick the clothes in the bottom, clothes on top ends up falling down and it's hard to keep a tidy wardrobe? Besides, clothes at the back is always out of reach as you only want to pick up the clothes in the front to prevent everything got messed up if trying to pick one little clothes at the back. 

I have had enough of this situation and have found a solution from IKEA. I have bought Antonius (HK$199) from IKEA. It basically provides drawers for me to put all the clothes. I can now classified each layers to dress, clothes, trousers and home wear. I can easily reach those at the back as I have DRAWER. Another good point of having this Antonius is that it is transparent. I can see through what is inside and helps me decide which clothes I should wear. 

I am very satisfied with how it helps with my wardrobe organisation and think everyone with huge wardrobe but no drawer should have this. This makes my day ALOT easier.

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