One of My Hobbies - Oil Pastel Painting

Today is one of those days where I feel a little bit of down and would like to find something to concentrate myself. I saw some beautiful photo on instagram and would love to draw it on my own. I can't remember when I start loving oil pastel drawing. I guess the main reason I love it is due to the easiness to use. No need to open water, just pick up the pen and draw and it is fine. The texture of the colour is thick like oil painting. One bad point is that I can't draw it very finely and the pens are quit think. As a hobby, it is good enough of mr. Here comes the swans that I draw to be with me when I am down. 

Start by a pencil and rubber...
Add on a little bit of colour ...
And it is Done.. Here comes my Swans.

Next, I am planning to learn faux calligraphy. I hope one day I can write really pretty words! :)

Lovely Art Days! :D

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