Disclose 5 Secrets on How to Stay Young

First of all, I would like to declare that I am no way an expert. Here below are some of the tips that I have been using for myself and believe this and would like to share it. Hope there is at least one point inspires you and keep your life going in a better way. 

1) Drink More Water: One of the reason human grows old is because the metabolism slow down and dehydrate quicker. To ensure winkles are not growing, the only way is to drink at least 7 cups of water per day.  It is as simple as that but I found it is always hard to keep it up when we have so much to do. Why don't we set drinking water in break time as a habit? I.e. If you need some time to think, drink water. If you don't like drinking water, add few drops of lemon into the water. It not only can add a little bit of favour, it also add Vitamin C to your body. 

If it is possible, try not to drink coffee, as the caffeine would slow down the blood flow in our body. Also, many people use caffeine to stay awake. In fact, you are ignoring your body signal: It is time for you to sleep and rest. When you over used your body, it is impossible for you to stay young.

2) Eat more fruits: One apple a day, keeps doctor away. If you doesn't get ill easily. Your body can keep in a good shape and you can always look young from the inside out. Fruit like, Kiwi and strawberry are especially good for skins.

3) Use Moisturising and Anti Aging Cream from mid-twenty: Most people may use moisturising cream or mask from early or mid twenty, but they may be a bit of reluctant to apply anti ageing cream at that age. In fact, our skin starts ageing rapidly after 26, we will need to start preserve it before it deteriorate. Once the winkles grow, it is very hard to make it disappear.

4) Stay Positive and Happy: Things always have two sides. Try searching for the bright side even when things doesn't happen in the way you expected to be. Be around with people you love more, happy people or spend time with happy little child. You will be amazed by how much influence they can be on you.

5) Set Some Goals and Keep Learning: Set yourself with some goals (family wide, career wide, personal wide). Whatever keeps you going. People look charming, energetic and young are most likely have some goals to strive for, to keep them alive. Energetic people always look younger than they actually are. The world has so much to learn, one of the way to keep yourself feeling young is to keep your own peace with the world and not to stay out of loops. When you subconsciously think you  are young and are still capable to learn can actually boot your body to a new good level. Only you trust yourself as young would make you look young!

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