My Super Healthy Morning Routine and The Best Yoga Video

BREAKFAST Speaking of Morning Routine, I can't miss a healthy breakfast. This time I am kind of very greedy, I have put together the following ingredient to my mouth.

PLAIN YOGURT: Yogurt is nutritionally rich in valium, protein, Vietnam B6 and B12. It is even more beneficial than milk.  It is always good to include this in the breakfast. If you are not really on the go, it is better to add fresh fruit instead of yogurt with flavouring. It is less artificial and healthier.

BLUEBERRY: When I was young, I don't like blueberry as I have experience in eating soft berry. So always choose the good blueberry before putting in the mouth. Otherwise, you would hate it for a long time. Blueberry contains vitamin C & K and dietary fiber. It can also help reduce risk of disease like cancer. If you are really care about your body and would like it to last as long as it can, eat blueberry. It has nutrient which is very good to the eyes as well. For those who always look at the computer, treat this as a snack. You won't regret this choice. 

FLAX SEEDS: Oh my God! You can't believe our much nutrient value it is with a bag of seeds. Not to mention it is high level of dietary finer and omega-3 fatty acid. It also has some (inconclusive) studies stated that it is benefits to in people with breast cancers, it can also lessen the severity of diabetes by stabilising blood-auger levels! That is a amazing! Although it is not conclusive yet, but I am sure eating a little  bit of seeds has no harm than eating a buck of unhealthy snack, right? 

BANANA: Most people knows banana is a healthy fruit. But it can also be starchy and sweet. So for those who has diabetes. Try keep this aways or only half or half banana per day. An interesting note: the inner and outer part of the banana can  be eaten. I am amazed when I first found out. But I think it is best not to eat the outer part as it can be dirty. :0).

GRANOA: I think I have introduce this in my previous post, so I don't repeat it again to prevent boring you to dead. 

I am not a person who used to care about my health that much, but when you feel you are not that young anymore. You would care about what you put to your mouth. At the end of the day, you will need to use the same body for the next 80 years or so (if luckily). So try to protect it before it is deteriorating. 

YOGA TIME I am no anywhere near a yoga expert, but I really love Yoga. You can do it in a tiny little space, anytime, anywhere near the beach, at home. It is just a stretchy exercise but it can completely melt you out. I like the feeling of tiring and sweaty afterward as I am one step closer to become a thinner and healthier lady.

When I do my yoga, I would normally do it at home. Find a good youtube video to follow. I have subscribed to two channels which is really good and I would like to recommend it to you.

1) TARA STILES : She is a really amazing yoga teacher. She used to be a model and you may probably find it out by her look. She has her own Yoga studio in New York City. However, be aware that some of her video is quite advance, if you are a beginner because of the move especially when you are doing it at home alone. If you are unable to do it, don't do it. One step at a time and you can find the development. Besides, her video is quite short in each session. It can be good, as I can have a  short break in between. If you want to have a longer series one with try Yoga with Adriene.

2) YOGA WITH ADRIENE: I first know about this from viviannadoesmakeup. I found it is really amazing. The series is quite long, it is sufficient for your to feel exhausted after one sessions. It especially like her energising morning yoga. I feel so good afterward!

Being healthy can be enjoyable (by choosing yummy food) and fun (by choosing exercise you enjoy). Move one small step for yourself and for your loved one. Let your life last longer, let those who love you love you longer!

Much love,

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