The Best Facial Masks Update - Summer Version

I have wrote about my favourite facial masks in my previous post. Bihada is so far my favourite facial mask of all. When I am too busy at work and do not have time for face mask for a long time, it really helps to inject all sort of water into my face and make my feel moisturised. Last week, I go to CitySuper and I was very surprised that Bihada has released a mini version of mask with different functions all in one little box. This is SOOOO AMAZING! The price is so cheap (HKD20 / pieces; normally it is HKD80/ pieces). Although it is cheap, I have no hesitation in putting it in my basket as I have been using Bihada for so long and I am definitely very confident with their quality. This is just a surprise treat for the Summer! :D 

Let me walk you through what are they:-
BLUE (Moisturized & Shining): This would normally be used after I am in the air condition area for a long time and my skin dry to dead. This is super watery and make you feel shine again. 

GREEN (Locking Water & Minimised Winkles): This is what I am looking for in the Summer. I like biking in the summer and most of the time when I am under the sun, my skins gets dry. I like using this the night before I have any outdoor activity to make sure all water is locked. 

PINK (Whitening & Brightening): This is the one I normally use when I am tanned and am under the sun for a long time. This is my immediate rescue. 

ORANGE (Anti-Oxgen and Tightening): Well .. well.. well.. Girl at mid twenty to early third. It is time to make sure your skins stay as good as possible. This is the one for you to make sure it is all firms up. The skin is loosen very slowly in the way that you don't know and this is the prefect mask for you.

* One magic box with all the ingredients you need! So Wonderful. Plus, all Bihada masks are very thin and watery. It helps with your skin absorption. You can massage it during the masking period and you can instantly see the difference once your remove the mask and I can be very sure of it!

Quick go rib some of these magic boxes before it runs out of stock!

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