Saying No for Building A Better Life

I'm currently under a soul searching period and I found it is very meaningful to me. If you are stuck in an routine of your life, you will end up living in a comfort zone and forgot what you really want from your life. You only live once, you never know when it is going to be ended. Live your life the fullest. 

I cannot deny that I love living in my comfort zone and do not want to change as long as I feel comfortable. How about when it is no longer comfort and it just turns into a habit? Will you say NO to the current life and look for another one? 

I found out that keep on doing the thing makes me unhappy isn't necessarily be good, it doesn't mean I am preservative. I am just wasting my life striving for an unhappy life. If I am very sure that there will be no more happiness, I should say no to the current life. Change will not necessarily lead you to a better life. But at least, give yourself a chance to expose to a new world and see what God or Angel takes you. If it is not working, saying no again until you find a place that make you feel comfortable and happy. Saying NO is not bad if you understand what you want in life and you are just striving for what you want, but not giving up easily for nothing. 

I am no longer afraid of having a worse life than I used to be, as I know that if I have a worse life. I will say goodbye to it until I find a better life. Be brave and be truth to yourself. Love life! 

Much love!

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