My Everyday Shower Routine

My shower routine has slightly changed due to the hot summer weather. My body is always cover with sweat which I need to take extra care of. Here is my everyday shower routine on how I protect my body. 

Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene: This product is designed to protect girl's sensitive area, especially in period time when there are extra germs and higher chance of infection. When germs meet sweat.. you will not be a happy person. :) It has slightly mild pH value (pH3.5) which can help prevent irritation. I would normally shake it slightly before application and no need to use other product afterward.   

Johnson's pH5.5: I care about pH value a lot lately as I know high pH value product would irritate skin and will not be good when irrupted skin shine under the sun. Normally, shower product would have pH value of around 7, which is higher than our body pH value. Also, I tend to forgot applying moisturiser, so this 2 in 1 (body wash with moisturiser) is the perfect choice for me.  

[OPTIONAL] Unicorn Aqueous + Vitamin E Cream: Normally,  my hand and body are not dry after the 2 in 1 shower wash. My leg tends to dry out a bit. If it is too try I would apply this unicorn cream. This is by far the best body lotion I have ever used (especially in winter time), when your body become red due to the dry weather, this is the cure. The texture is quite thick, but when it drys out, you won't feel the stickiness at all. I wouldn't need to apply it everyday, it can normally keeps my leg moisturised for few days.

Have a lovely friday and look forward to the weekend! :)
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  1. Vitamin E cream is essential for skin care to me! Especially where I live it's winter so now is when skin needs it most!