I am a ear-rings collector. I love ear-ring! There are so  many cute little one in the market, it is also one of the most seeable items besides make-up as it is just right beside my face. I am also a stars and heart lover. Anything in heart or star sharp are ten times cuter in my mine. So, check out my new start and heart sharped ear-ring I have just bought. 


GREEN MONDY: Have you ever heard about Green Monday? It aims to promote green lifestyle especially green diet by encourage people to take baby step to go green. I was in fact introduce this by Janus Chan and inspired to eat green when I was in Australia. When I was in Tasmania (Australia), I am so close to the natural environment, all the cow, sheep are all around me. They are like one of my neighbour next door, unlike the time when I am in Hong Kong, it is just a piece of meat on the fridge in the supermarket. It is life right in front of my eyes. I can barely stand killing them, let alone eating them. By that time, I tell myself that it may be difficult for me to completely not eating meat, but maybe I can eat less meat. Then, I saw Janus mentions about Green Monday. BANG! That's what I want! I can take this baby step by eating green veggie on Monday. People may query, how can you get enough nutrients if you don't eat meat? I have done a little bit of research and noted that we can get enough protein by consuming alternative like beans. So, if you care about animal like I do, take the baby step! 

If people ask you why do you eat green? There is a good answer for you: Why do you eat meat?  


Life is full of ups and downs, how you celebrate the ups and deal with the downs are what matters. The other day when I was walking across the bridge, I saw everyone taking photo. Look! There is a rainbow! People in Hong Kong always say " Rainbow appears after rains. It means when all the bad things happened, there will be pretty rainbow (good things) appears. Thanks to the nature for the reminder. Don't miss the message sent by the nature. :) 

By the way, does anyone know rainbow is in fact 360 degree? That means if I am looking at the rainbow here, there are people in the other part of the world looking at this as well. I hope anyone looking at that rainbow stays positive like I do. ;)

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