What I am Wearing Today?

Today is just a causal day to have dinner with my friend and I surprisingly love what I am wearing and I feel very comfortable with it. 

Clothes: b+ab
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Laces Shoes in Boutique

This b+ab clothes I bought around 2 years ago, I don't know how to wear it as it is rather long. However, I tuck the end inside my jeans. It looks completely different and it becomes my favourite look. I particularly like the imbalance design of the shoulder, sometimes it is this tiny little detail which makes the different. 

The topshop jeans. If anyone who don't mind spending HK$400 on jeans, this will be the one for you. Topshop jeans is so comfortable. It is so soft and thin, I don't feel hot even I wear it in the summer. You know when you know 80% of your time will be under air-condition environment sitting in a public chair which may be dirty, short pant may not be your choice (even it is summer) and this is my choice. 

Laces Shoes: When I first saw it, I love it. But when I tried it, I have some hesitation as the lace is quite soft and and my shape of toes shows quite clearly. I miss it ever since I am home and I know I need to buy it. It doesn't failed me, it basically fits most of the look. Short pants, jeans, skirt. The white colour helps fitting all of my summer look. The little cushion pad makes me feels so comfortable while walking too. This will definitely be one of my frequently wear item.

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