Five Things in Life

I like this Five Things series, this helps me to remind the small little things that spice up my life.  
Pink & Grey Thread
You know how much I love pink and grey. They are friends. I saw them together this morning just makes me so happy that the pink and grey colour is messily together. 

Coconut Water
I cannot find any coconut water (in a can/bottle) in the supermarket. I need this healthy drink in the store so so much. As I can't find anywhere, the only way to drink it is to buy a fresh one, equally happy! 

Gatsby Deodorant Aqua
For those of you who sweat a lot and hate that stickiness. This is your saver. You can simply shake it and then place some of this water on your body. This can help maintain the dryness to your body! :)

Baby Sitting
I enjoy baby sitting with this little one, especially when I reading books to her. She likes it and I enjoy it. 

Baby Shoes
This is the gift that I am ready for my friend's baby. It will be given to an adorable baby in mid August. Can't wait to meet her. 

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