Wedding Guest - The Make-up, The Dress & The Shoes

The Make-Up: I am trying new make up items. 
Base: ShiSeiDo Refining Makeup primer Bas Perfectrice De Tient
Eyes: Designer Brands Australia Black Brown 632, Lash Expander Frane Plus Majoloica Majorca Mascara, Eyes Shadow from Japan, Topshop Magic Liner
Cheek: Topshop Good Girl Blush
Lips: YSL Peach Passion

I love attending my friend's wedding, so I have got the chance to dress up myself and having fun during the process. This time I have not disappoint myself. I actually love my look and my husband loves it too. Let's see how to make it happen?!

The dress: In order to pick up the right dress. I will need to understand my style, my favourite colour which match my skin tone. How loud I want to be. For me, I love to look girly, but not looking young. A little bit of elegant and the colour cannot be sharp as I want to be low as a guest.

So I pick up this pink&grey (clearly a me colour) dress with floral print, sprinkling and pearl accessory. It is an all in one dress which perfectly fit my style. I also like this soft colour very much.  

The Shoes: Jelly Beans. This is my absolute favourite. The colour can match with my skin which makes me easily dressed with work wear, soft or dark colour dress or trousers. 


  1. Nice dress, dear!

    1. Thanks Patricia. I love this dress so much too! :)

      Besides, you are the second one who leave message to me. Cheer me up from the silent.
      Thank you and I love your blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Sonia, thanks for your sweet words. :)
      I will try to find some other occasion to wear this.

  3. It's a great choice, dear. This dress is perfect on you
    many kisses