Easy 3 Steps Chicken Wing Receipt

My husband and I are chicken wings lover. We like to try all kinds of chicken wings. Also, I like to use up all of my flavour at home before buying new one (to prevent my kitchen overwhelmed with all sort of bottle). I try to mix and match the flavour to cook chicken wings and it actually comes up quite well. 

Chicken Wings 
Mixed Herbs
Black Pepper
Premium Flavoured Pepper 
Lemon Juice
Maggi Soya Sauce

Step 1: Place all the herbs, pepper, soya sauce and few drops of lemon juice onto the chicken wings. (No need to place too much, you can see from the picture of how much mixed herbs I have placed in each chicken wings).

Step 2: Wait for 5 minutes and put it to the oven with 220C for 20 minutes

Step 3: Pour the water under the chicken wings and put it into the oven again with 160C for 5 minutes until it is golden brown.

Here come the yummy chicken wings! Enjoy!

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