Hello Everybody! I am Back! Sorry that I haven't blogged much lately as I have been busy with life. I guess it is time for a quick WEAR / EAT / LIFE update. I start wearing base lately. I normally don't feel like wearing base, as I don't like the stickness. But then I found that this Shishedo base can really smoothen my skin tone and base can actually protect the skin from makeup. So I will definitely use it in the future. There are two more items (as shown in the picture) became my regular make up items. I feel like I am developing my skill in doing make up now. 


Oh my God! Ruby Tuesday burgers are unbelievable! I have been wanting to eat mini burger for so long! I think they are cute and easily to eat (won't be messy when eating). Ruby Tuesday really doesn't disappoint me. These three burgers have different flavours (pork, beef and crab), it is very juicy and not dry at all. The bread is slightly heated and created a amazing texture. I really want to go there again soon. Somebody please come with me! Besides, their service is super cool, a waitress is assigned to our table and they can basically address all the things that we need, from menu introduction, water pouring and flavour choosing. I have an excellent experience there!


If you are sport lover, please don't miss the Sports Soho Expo 2014. There are lots of sport related items for you to shop around or even actually try on. You can also pre-book an exercise class (HK$200 / 2 hours course) to have a qualified trainer to guide you with the workouts, so you can sweat and keep fit! This definitely is a weekend fun playground!

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