New Invention - Mid-Autumn Festival Toys

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As I have mentioned in my previous post, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming in the week. So, I am trying to buy some toys to the little kids so they can play in the dark under the moon. Then I found this little invention! It is totally a Ding Dong (Popular Japanese Cartoon) invention for me! It is an infra-red Yo Yo. When you press the dark button on the top, it scroll like a yo yo, at the same time an infra red emitted. When it rolls, it turns out a red circle around the yo yo. 

What a genius idea? Yo Yo is what kids like to play, when you add a little bit creativity and matching with the festive idea, it becomes everyone's fav. I am sure the inventor can earn a lot after mid-autumn. For those who are living in Hong Kong, please go to 7-11 to get one. I am sure not only kid, but also big boy (my husband is playing it for so many times) would love it! 

P.S. From my understanding, it starts running out of stock and people are pending for restock! Hope every one would have a lovely Mid-Autumn Day! 

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