Quick & Easy 3 Steps Simple Lunch Receipt - Dumpling Noodles

Many of my friends skip meal because they think it is time consuming to cook and instant noodles is not a healthy choice.  I found that lunch can be quick and easy to cook and it can be more healthy than eating instant noodles. All you need is: 

1 pack of noodles ( I choose Tomato noodles from Organic farm)
4 ready made veggie and meat dumplings
Soya Sauces and Pepper 

Step 1:  Place noodles and the dumplings in boiling water for 8 minutes. 
Step 2: Pick up the noodles first to prevent overcook, leave the dumplings there until it looks transparent. 
Step 3: Add soya sauces and pepper on to the noodles and place the dumplings on the noodles. 

It tooks less than 10 minutes to get the above dumplings noodles done. It may not be the healthiest, but at least it has vegetable, meat, noodles. Worth to have a try when you are on the go with no time cooking for a nice lunch or simply too lazy cooking. 

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