My Current Favourite - Housewife Edition

It has been a while since I become a somebody's housewife. This means I need to learn to take care of myself and my loved one. I feel like I have develop some of my logic in life, which I would love to share them with you. All of them makes my life a lot easier: - 

Cook Book 

I have write about my favourite Cook Book in my previous post. Last time is more about baking healthy. This time I would recommend this healthy eating cook book for you - Healing Foods (eat your way to a healthier life. Recently, I have been obsessed to be more healthy - drink more water, eat more fruit, do more exercise, be more aware of what I eat. This book was amazing. It starts by detailing all the healthy food (i.e fruit, seed etc). Then it comes to my favourite parts -Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner receipt. It gives you idea on if you would like to have a healthy heart, what should you eat for the whole day. Oh My God! I can't believe it. I just want to take every single picture of  every single page of this chapter and then follow it. When all the page is up, I can just repeat myself. The receipt is so easy to cook as well. Healthy and Easy - what I great combination for life! 

Cleaning Haul  

Scotch-Brite Disposable Toliet Scrubber - Many people may use non-disposable toliet scrubber, but I found it is very smelly after all the cleaning and I hate cleaning the scrubber. This disposable toliet scrubber is prefect for me as I don't need to clean it and it doesn't need to grow germs and become smelly in the toliet. How important it is for life?!

Lion Cleaning Liquid and Ultra Softlan (especially for Summer Smell) - These are my summer clothes washing cleaning best friend. The reason I use cleaning liquid is that I found it can be easily dissolve for cleaning. I use this Softlan product is mainly because in the summer, sweat always create bacteria which generate smelly scene in your clothes. This can kill that bacteria and prevent the smell that you don't want anyone near sense it. So let go and have a try and let me know what you think. 

Housewife is now going to do a laundry. See you in a bit. 
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