Buy / Eat / Life

I love BUY (WEAR) / EAT / LIFE series. It can quickly summarised what I have been up to. ;)


I have been wanting to have a Michael Kors Tote bag when I saw someone holding it in an instagram picture. I went to Michael Kors store to find one, it only has a huge sized one. I found it Apple Store sells Michael Kors bag in the accessory section. They have a very little size (15') which is perfect for fitting in a mac book air. I seldom carry my MacBook around, but I found the zipper section is perfect for me to put my valuable (i.e. wallet) in and leave the tissue kind of thing outside for easily accessible. I totally love this bag. 


It nearly Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong now. For those of you who are not living in Hong Kong, Mid Autumn Festival is a day when all family member gathered together to eat moon cake (as shown in the picture) under the full moon and little kids would play lantern. There are also many myths about this festival, like there is a couple who can only see each other once a year at this time. There are a rabbit who can actually run towards the moon a very long time ago. 

I have been watching essiebuttonvlogs (a youtube channel) for a while now. She has the "always smily" face which always cheers me up. She is currently having a road trip with her boyfriend and eating sausage, sweet potato during that trip. My husband said why don't we eat it tonight?! He cooked everything and it is the yummiest dinner of the week! 


My husband recently buys a ukulele. He has been wanting this for so long. We decided to learn an instrument. He plays ukulele and I play piano. Let's rock! :)

Hope you have a nice weekend! 
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  1. I've been loving essies holiday as well! So cute that you had the same meal, looks yummy :) Love the bag as well! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Jasmin, I love Essie... Her holiday has finally ended.. no more holiday vlog.. but can't wait to watch his London vlog with her lovely dog.

      Do you know if her boyfriend is Chinese or Korean?