My Fashion & Beauty Haul

I have a little shopping yesterday and have a few items which I determined to buy. Here is it.

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair
I noticed my skin is ageing rapidly lately. I am so dying to find a nice skincare product to at least slow it down. My friend recommend that this product is very powerful. I can simply apply this and use any other night cream. The difference can be seen very rapidly. Okay. Let me have a try and see how it goes. 

Sofina - Eye Mask
This is not a research buy. I just randomly saw it, I know I need it, my friend think this brand is good, the price is good (HKD220/ 12 pair). What a bargain! Let me have a try and I will tell you how I feel. 

H&M Long Tee
I like tee with nothing on. I can simply match it with my jewellery and I think simple is the best. 

Summer Must Have Under clothes 
I nearly swear it everyday in the summer. Sometimes the summer clothes is see through or you just want simply want something cover your bar. This is what you need!

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