The Best Eyes Shadow Kit Set

I have been using this eyes shadow kit set since I start using eyes shadow. It is a present from my friend and I totally love it. It has everything in a little box (eyes linear, base eye shadow coat (white), main eyes shadow (light brown) and eyes shadow highlight (dark brown). My apology that it doesn't have a brand name on it, so I can't tell you exactly what it is. But I guess there are many similar product available in the market. I hope you can get similar colour eyes shadow to feel how good it is.  

Maybe I just "try" to walk you through how I apply it. 
1)  I would draw my eye linear (as I don't want it to be too obvious, so I can use my eyes shadow to slightly cover it up to make it more natural. )
2) I would apply the base coat all over my eye lip (which is quite a large area). 
3) I add the main eyes shadow above my eyes linear across my upper part of my eyes and just a little bit under my eyes. 
4) Then I add the dark brown eyes shadow in the centre of my upper eye lip (right on top of your eyes ball when you look straight to a mirror). This can make my eyes  ball looks bigger without wearing a fake eye ball contact len. 

I am not a professional make up artist at all, it is just how I normally TRY to apply my make up and I love it. If there is any better way to apply, please tell me and I would love to learn and improve. Hope that I don't mess up too much :)


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    1. Thank you Antonella! :) It is very encouraging to hear someone tell me this! :0)

      Much appreciated!