Alex Goot Music

Have you ever watch Alex Goot's youtube video? If you haven't already, please click the link and check it out. He is a very talented guy who make very good music. He can play different kinds of music instalments and combine it all into one song. 

Yesterday, he travels all the way from the US to Hong Kong to have a mini concert. When I first find out he is having a concert in Hong Kong, I was amazed. None of my friend in Hong Kong hear about Alex Goot, let along listen to his music. I used to plan to go to the US and hoping he can have some kinds of show in the pub, so I can enjoy one or two of his songs. Now, he is here in Hong Kong, singing for around one hour for us. This is one of the best time of my life, his music is amazing. When he sings, we all follow his music and move. He is not dancing, he only sits in front of a piano and it is enough to excite your body from head to toe. I am so lucky to be able to know his existence and would like to introduce him to you. Please just click his videos and see if his music is your cup of tea. 

Let's experience the power of music!

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