Monthly Beauty Buys

Topshop Infrared Lipstick: I have never tired Topshop's lipstick before, but it keeps on surprise me! I actually love this (hkd99) over YSL peach passion lipstick (hkd250). Topshop lipstick is just so moisturizing, even I have some dead skin on my lips stick around, it's just cover it up so well!

Color wise - I normally would not buy a sharp orange color lipstick but I saw Zoella who applies it in one of her vlog, she looks so amazing and I saw her lipstick review. This is one of her favourite. I give it a try and it is so good! The color shine my look. You have to try it to understand what I mean. It won't disappoint you, I am sure! 

Mascara: My wedding makeup artist has recently introduce this Mascara to me and I buy it in Leng Leng (Japanese makeup chainstore). It costs hkd275 for 2 mascara. It is definately no as good as MJ mascara which I write about in my previous post. But it is water proof, so easy to remove and gives a natural look to me. If you are in a causal day and would love to make yourself look more energetic. This is the one. However, if you are going on a date or a event, it may not be a wise choice for you, as it may not be hold for that long. 

I hope this little review is benefital to you. If you have try this before, please let me know your comments as well. 

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