Best Date Night Restaurant - Greyhound Cafe Hong Kong

Have you ever had any difficulty in planning a causal date night when all you want is some good food? Here is your choice - Greyhound Cafe Hong Kong

Greybound has so many different kinds of food, Vietnamese (noodles), Western (mini burger or cake), Chinese (dumplings) and it is all delicious! If you are not very sure of what your date love eating and you don't want to take him/her to a too formal place. Greybound can provide good food with relaxing environment for you to chat.

Don't forget to order desert. Their desert is absolutely amazing. Our current favourite is Apple Crumbles, but we also tried Nutella Banana Cheese cake which is also good! 

Little Tips: I would strongly recommend you going there for dinner as their food is much better at dinner time. Please also aware that their food portion is quite small, so be prepare to order lots of food with different varieties (which is completely fine for me! :) ) 

Hope you have a nice holiday! 


  1. What a great review. I haven't been back to HK in years now, but if I manage to get back soon I'll be sure to check this place up. The Nutella cheesecake sounds amazing.


    1. Sonia, you have been in Hong Kong before? :) Hong Kong is a beautiful place. Be reminded to let me know before you come and I will introduce some of the lovely place for you visit! :)