How Instagram Changed My Life

I start using Instagram nearly the same time when I start writing my blog. I first use this to follow up youtubers' information and now it turns out to be something that change my lifestyle. 

Instagram has so many beautiful photo that makes people obsessed in, it reminds me how great life can be and how I can also create such beautiful life. Sometimes tiny little things at home, on the desk,    the clothes you wear and how you see the world really make the different. 

After I have my instagram, I understand myself better that I am a pink, grey, rose gold obsessor who love to see (but not to eat) all kind of desert, love ponies, interior design and my favourite quote is "Do more what makes you happy!" When you know what you loves, you are one step further on understanding how to make yourself happy!

Instagram is a lifestyle dresser who helps shaping life to a better one! Here are some of the Instagramers I follow. They are all awesome and I hope they don't mind me showing their photo here just because I want more people follow them to see how much they can change the viewer's life! 

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