Do More of What Makes You Happy!

Sorry that I haven't been around for a while. I have just been very busy at work. It has been a tough week. I think it is always good to blog, as this can help me to clear things up in my mind. 

Remember my last post How Instagram Changes My Life , whenever I look at instagram, I feel like I want to strive toward a better life. But how? Whenever you feel lost and feel you lack of the ability to have a better life, stop for a while, follow your heart and think what would make you happy. Your heart will never fail you. Sometimes you are too scare to follow your heart as you think this might not be relastic. If it is the right things to do and you will be happy, go for it. Be brave enough to trust that you can resolve the problem that might come up. 

Sometimes, you may look back to the old life, but you can never go back and live that moment again! So, just say goodbye to this, move forward, believe that an even better life is ahead waiting for you. If you keep on looking back, you can just never reach the better place. 

Be brave, follow your heart to find a better future!

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