Korea Souvenirs ( Gift Guide )

My husband and I went on a holiday during Christmas time. Our chosen destination is Seoul, Korea (More picture about this trip will be up soon, stay tune.). Travelling souvenirs is what I always get headache of and would like to ask my friends what is the famous souvenirs of my travelling location before I go on a trip. To save up your asking time, I guess it will be useful to share mine to you.

Socks: Socks in Dongdamun (Korea) is super cheap. It is around HKD7/pair and have thousand kinds of beautiful print for you to stop by and choose for. 

Glove: Haven't I told you it is currently -16C in Seoul right now. They sells all the protective gears everywhere and I buy this cutie little glove suits well for my niece. If it is warm for -16C, it definitely enough for the cold weather (6C the coldest) in Hong Kong.

Eyes Mask: Modern people love watching all kinds of electronic devices (computer, phone, TV), a cold and hot eye mask is definitely needed for them. I just buy it in a drug store. It has both cold and hot therapy to let your eyes relax and removing the dark eyes circle (well suit for girl). 

Facial Mask: I think it is common sense for Hong Kong people to buy masks in Korea as it is so much cheaper (around HKD6/ piece) in Korea than buying in Hong Kong (I mean the same product). The most popular band you have to buy in Korea is Missa, Skinfood, Etude. My friend also introduce a skincare product shop called Holika Holika (Korea brand) to me. She said that pig nose clear product is very powerful in removing all the dirt on your nose. I will try it out and let you know if there is any good. 

Jinseng product: Jinseng is one of the famous product in Korea. I would highly recommend you to go to Lotte Supermarket (at Mingdung) to buy Jinseng. They even cost you only HKD10. I have buy this Jinseng soup pack which I can just place it into a boiling water and put a little chicken inside to create chicken soup. I have also bought Jinseng tea as one of my souvenirs to my older friends. This Queen Jinseng tea is especially for woman.  There are many other products which is easily good to build up a healthier body. 

I hope this give you some idea on what to buy as a souvenirs in Korea. I will upload a clothing haul and what to do in Korea later on. 

I hope you have a Happy New Year!  

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