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Chinese New Year is coming in mid February! For those married couple, is your red packet ready yet? 

For the of you who are not Chinese, you may not know what I am talking about. There is in fact a tradition in Hong Kong or around the Chinese community where married couple would give red packet (Lai Sei) to the younger (single) to wish them good luck in the coming year. There is money inside the red packet. The amount of money you give to that person would vary based on your relationship with him/her or their parents. For those who are really close relatives or best friend's children, they might received HK$500 or HK$100 per packet. If you are a couple, you will need to give two red packet at a time to signify one is from the husband and the other is from the wife. If you are a very friendly guy with lots of close friends, simply saying you will be bankrupt in February. Of course, for those who are not very close, you can simple give HK$50 or HK$20 in each packet to minimise the damage! :)

Many of my Chinese friends who live abroad is very jealous of me being able to buy cute and funny red packet. They can normally get some old fashioned red packet from local Chinese restaurant or from their parents. So, I try to help them to search and see if there is any online shop which sells young style red packet.

I found a site called redpacketshop.com which can deliver many cute, elegant red packet all over the world. They have red packet for Chinese New Year (i.e. first two photos - it says good luck in the red packet) and even red packet which can be used in wedding day (like the last two photo - it states Happy Wedding in the envelop). As it is free delivery in the UK, US and Canada with very reasonable price, I guess anyone who interested to buy funny envelop shall check the site out! 

My friend found this is very useful and I hope you are too! 

Have a nice weekend and can't wait for the Chinese New Year to come!
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  1. What a lovely tradition! I hadn't heard of this previously, so this is really intriguing :) x


    1. Yes. Really love to learn more about the tradition in your country too.

  2. I've never heard of this tradition but I think it is the loveliest thing ever. I wish the western culture would take up something like that at the start of a New Year too.


    1. Haha.. Yes.. Chinese New year is a very happy festival. Relatives love to gather together! :)