Easy Banana Cupcake Receipt

It is this kind of a day where you are craving for a banana cake at home and would love to put in a mouth within 30 mins. Here is the receipt which suits your need!

50g              Butter
2                  Egg 
100g            Flour
1teaspoon    Baking Power
6 spoon        Sugar
1 1/2            Banana
25g              Walnut

1) Melt the butter and put it into the sugar. Use electric mixer to stir it till it turns white.
2) Add whisked eggs (little at a time) and use the electric mixer to mix it evenly.
3) Add smashed banana, baking power and flour into the mixture and mix it well (no need using the machine). 
4) Please the mixture into a six cup baking tray with paper cup placed.
5) Put compressed walnut on top of the mixture.  
6) Put it in a 180C oven and bake it for 15 minutes.

# Little Tips: The reason I place the mixture into a cupcake baking tray instead of a cake tray is that I found that if I put the mixture in the big cake tray, the centre of the mixture is always wet due to the banana moist. When I heat it up for longer, the other side of the cake has already fully cooked. So, a cupcake tray can solve this matter instantly.

I hope this give you a little insight and let me know if you have ever been baking a banana cupcake or banana cake is your favourite. Kindly share with me any receipt and I would love to try this out! 


  1. These look lovely! I will definitely try to make these :) x


    1. Rebecca, glad that you love the receipt! By the way, I love your blog! ;)

  2. I'm not a fan of banana but I know a few people who do. I might try to modify this slightly though hehehe!


    1. Sonia, I love modify receipt too and was always amazed by the result!

      Next time if there is anything interesting come up, will definitely share it here and let you know. :)