Everything About a Skiing Trip to Korea

Me and my friend had gone to Seoul (Korea) for a skiing trip over the Christmas time. We have so much fun! I would like to share what I wear, eat and play there with you!


Pale Pink Hat / White Elder Down Outerwear/
Trouser with 2 pairs of Super-warm inside/ UGG Boot

It is currently winter time in Korea and this is how I survived in -16C. I won't be able to survived without the outerwear. This is so warm and cozy. I wear it whenever I am outside. My husband wear converse shoes and he can't help but to stick two heat pad on his feet to keep warm. UGG boot is what I needed to keep my feet warm. 


We ate Jinseng Chicken Soup in two different places.

Queen Jinseng Chicken Soup (Top): I follow this website's instruction to get there. I found the most amazing part is not just the soup, it is the wine (around HKD30) that they made is the yummiest! I am not a wine lover, it is just like a juice with so little alcohol. Easy to drink! 

百濟人參雞湯 (Bai Jian Jinxseng Chicken Soup) (Bottom): This restaurant is very popular among Hong Kong Traveller. Their kimchi is good as it is not very spicy!

Fresh Beef Market & Restaurant: We went to a beef market with lots of fresh beef selling in a reasonable price. We can just buy it and there is a restaurant upstairs for you to cook it by yourself. As the beef is very fresh, you don't need to add any sauce and it's still very yummy. You can order some rice and Kimchi are free for you to pick for as many as you want.


Snowboarding / Skating @ Welli Hilli Park滑雪渡假村

We bring all our gear to the park, but borrow their equipments (around 60000won for 2 days). We will also need to buy tickets to go up the hills.

Little Tips: When borrow their equipments, they will ask us to give them our ID card or passport. Don't ever give your passport to them. If they lost it, you can't go back. I would suggest you giving them your driver licence or a card with your name and photo on, which can identify you.  They just want to make sure you would return the equipment.

Shopping ( Dongdaemun, 梨大,明洞)

Dongdaemun has lots of shops which would not closed until 3am. We lives in a hotel near the shopping mall there, so we can go shopping every night. Their clothes are at reasonable price (not very cheap). I just buy a lot of clothes there.

Little tips: It is always good to go there with friend as some of the shops sell 2 same clothes at a time. They will refuse to sell it to you if you buy only one clothes.

梨大: We buy a lots of reasonable priced make up, skincare and clothes in this location. It is cheaper than Dongdaemun. I only spends 2 hours there and has already bankrupted myself.

明洞(Mingdun): We go there only because we need to go to Lotte Supermarket to buy souvenirs to my friend. Their clothes are comparatively expensive, but there is lots of yummy snack food on the street which I can't help to try it. The strawberry is super yummy and I would strongly recommend it for you to eat it.

I hope you like this little blog I used to record my happy memories there.

Happy Holiday!

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