Monthly beauty Buys

It has been a while since my last Monthly Beauty Buys blog post. I have been adding few beauty products lately and would like to share it with you. 

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R (113): This is one of my Christmas present, which is kinda nice. I always love Jill Stuart's product. Their packing is very girly and grand. Their products was like owning by a princes. This peachy red color is so easy match with white or dark clothes which I love to wear during winter time! 

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Rouge A Levres (Asian Flower): I was always been so rejected to wear any lipstick color other than red/pink. I have had a breakthrough lately trying peachy orange and  has start thinking purple color will also be good too. This line of MAC lipstick is more moisturised than other line. I don't actually need to apply any lip balm before hand and it is smooth and no roughness on the lips once you applied. I crazily in love with this brand and would love to repurchase it when this used up. In fact, I wear it on my anniversary, you can check out how I look by referring to this blog post. 

Banila Co Very - Very Kissy Lip Plump (Envy): I guess this is my least favourite product for this monthly beauty buys. I love to have a sparkle lip plump to put on top of my lipstick. I found this in Korea and would think it would be a prefect. However, I feel like this is too red to be treated as a top coat. There is a mint feeling once I applied it. It is kind of strange as I was thinking if my lip reacting to it negatively or it is normal?! My lip is completely fine the day after so I guess it my skin is ok for the formula. I would prefer applying it alone to avoid a bright red lip. 


  1. I love that purple hue. It's funny because when I was younger I'd only stick to nudes, then I moved to reds and now I'll wear just about anything. But the brighter and bolder the better. I keep reaching for a dark plum lately but I wouldn't mind going with a brighter purple.


    1. Yes Purple lipstick is hot.. I love it so much.. when you try it, you can see the magic! :)