SPF Day Cream/lotion Comparison

Clique Youth Surge SPF15/PA++ Age Decelerating Moisturiser: If you have been viewing my blog for a while, you may already notice that I am a huge Shiseido fans as I found their products (i.e the line of White Lucent) really react positively on my face. As times goes by, I need to move on to the Vital Perfection line to have higher protection of my skin from aging. The problem is the Vital Perfection line does not separate day lotion to night lotion, which mean there is no SPF in the lotion. This come out as a headache to me. I normally use SPF15 to protect my skin from daily light radiation. (I feel like high SPF is really necessary as I will be indoor most of my time and thick SPF may just have negative impact on my skin). So, I start searching for another brand's lotion/cream that have anti aging function and SPF at the same time. I once notice that Chinque is a product line which suits my age and the sales recommend this Youth Surge Moisturiser to me as it can mines pore which grow due to aging (not pimples). It includes SPF and PA++, which means it protect my skin from UVB (function of SPF) and UVA (function of PA++). When I apply it the first time, I feel like the texture is much thicker then White Lucent's Emulsion. It is very creamy. As I was using lotion before, my skin doesn't react well, and one or two pimples come out. I was scared and stop using it for a while, BUT I notice my skin texture is getting better overall. So, I wait for a month and apply it again. It becomes my favourite day cream now.  

The only downside is that it is quick hard to apply it evenly and smoothly. I will need to make sure my face has not white cream on every sleepy morning (which is quite hard). Besides, I would not recommend using this cream when you are going to apply make up. When I use a sponge to apply my foundation (rubbing my face with the sponge), some tiny white streak come out (like the by product when you rub your rubber). That is definitely not what I wanted, especially when I am in a rush. 

Shishedo White Lucent Brightening Emulsion: I love the thin texture of this Emulsion and having SPF15. I would not feel that I have applied any SPF. This has definitely do a very good job in brightening and whitening my skin. If I am not required to protect my skin from aging, I guess I won't move on to other day cream/lotion.

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