Happy Pancakes Day Tag

Happy Pancakes Day! I know I am a bit late for the party! But oh hey! I love pancakes. It is probably my favourite breakfast (except the hummus English breakfast). Here is a little Pancake Day Tag:

What is my favourite topping? Honey. I used to love maple syrup and jams, but it is a little bit adverse my current keep fit plan.   

What is my favourite fruit on pancake? As you can see in the photo, blueberry, I also like to put banana and strawberry on top as well. 

Do I cook pancake from raw material or ready made pancake? Um.. I am somewhere in between, I love buying ready made pancake mix in Citysuper. It is not completely cooked pancake for you to preheated, but it is a pancake mix that I can just simply add water, milk or eggs to make a pancake. You know it is not always easy to cook in the MORNING! :)

How many pancake do I have at a time? One or two big one. I used to cook mini-pancake as I think it is cute. But my husband and I would always lost count and end up eating too much! 

I think that's it for now and I would you have a lovely pancake days by eating as much pancake as you want! 

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