The Best Lip Gloss

Now I am back to the blogging routine now. The first thing I would like to write about is lip product. I was never a lipstick or lip gloss lady in the past as I think that it is sticky and it is hard to eat food without messing up my lipstick. More importantly, I tried a slightly red lipstick before, it turns out it is too red for me and I look weird. 

However, recently I am obsessed with lip product. I tried out a few bits and see if I can be able to use it in a daily basis. To begin with, I use a lighter color lip gloss from Jill Stuart (001). Not to mention the beautiful packaging every girls would love, the sparkling lip gloss stick in the lip makes everything become more elegant! I absolutely adore it! 

I bought a few lip stick from MAC, YSL and tiptop, I don't know if it is because my lips is too dry or what, there is always some "dry line" coming up whenever I applied lip stick. I once would use my finger to smoothen it, but now I found that I can apply a lip gloss on top which can also make some variation of the color. This is such a win-win situation for me. At the moment I would to mix my MAC purple lipstick with my Jill Stuart sparkling lip gloss. It turns out to be a not so purple sparkling lips which is perfect for an every day look. 

A little tips: Never mix two strong color lipstick and lipgloss together, it will turn out strange in some way. 

Hope you have nice day! :) 

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