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It has been a while since I write any blog post.  I think it is best to write a blog spot when I feel like it, rather than push it too hard to make it up. Today is the day I have so many idea that I would like to share and I would like to choose here as the platform to express. 

The other day, I have a skin test and the result shows me that my skin is 4 years younger than I actually am and the sales told me that I am actually taking good care of my skin. I took a lot of time look into the skin care product that I used, so far, I feel like Shiseido is doing the best job to my skin and the question is which line should I use?

When I was younger,  I love using the line of White Lucent, as it definitely brightens up my skin and I don't need to worry about anti aging. So, I have been using and repurchasing that for over a decade. In these two years, I start noticing winkles grows all over my face, I feel like it is time to change to a line that has anti aging function. For day cream/emulsion, my top priority is with SPF at least 15. Although many people said SPF 15 is no longer enough or you can always applying sun cream after your day cream. I just feel that it is too much of a burden to my skin if I apply so many layer to my skin everyday. The only other line that have anti-aging and SPF15 is Benefiance Winkle Resist 24 Day Emulsion. 

This product dooes its job on anti aging and protect my skin from the sun. However, it doesn't have brightening and whitening function. My skin start turning yellow day by day. So, if I am using the Benefiance product, I will have brightening mask at least two days a week to compensate the work that I didn't do on daily basis. 

I hope this make sense to you or give you a little bit of idea on Sheshido product. 

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