The Best Pink Nail Polish

To get it straight and quick, I love Topshop nail polish, it dries quickly, it only requires you to apply one layer and it is exactly the color your want and more importantly, it has a very good constancy over which time you bush on your nail. More importantly, it always has the color that I want.

Last time I had a stroll in Topshop, I was shocked that it released a shocking pink color which I definitely love, it is called Wonderland. It is well fit to the summer weather especially I love wearing white right now, it is kind of good to have a pink nail polish to brighten the whole look up. 

What is even better is that it has a sparkling nail polish called Adernalin. I thought it will be a good combination to wear it together in different fingers or on top of each other. It just looks really really nice and I love it!


  1. TopShop seems like such a great store! Wish there was one near me!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    1. I really like TOpshop.. Lots of beautiful clothes and cheap make up :)