Olay White Radiance Review

Few months ago after I returned from Thailand, I found that I have some black spots grows around my cheek bone. I wonder what would be the quickest way to remove the spots? My answer is using essence as essence is the most concentrated among the skincare product and I can use it every day (unlike face mask). 

Why do I choose it? I do so many research on which one is having whitening function in particular, the best and most cost effective (as you may know essence can be very expensive due to the concentrated nature). Then, I found an online post which did a test on several brands' product. The result is very surprising that Olay is the second best (the best is SKII) among the other skincare brands. That might be true as I recalled my father has been using Olay all his life and his skin is very smooth and he looks a lot younger than his friends from his age. I guess it shouldn't be a great loss to invest in a drugstore skincare. 

How to used? Two drops every morning and night after cleaning my face and before applying eye cream and moisturiser. I would normally use a little bit less moisturiser if I used this essence as I don't want my skin to be too oily. 

How does it goes? For the first two weeks, I didn't feel much different, I have a phase of thinking if I should stop using it? But I am stuck with no essence at the moment as my Advance Night Repair has just been used up. I keep trying for another week, my black spots is gradually fading. It is the fourth week that I have used the white essence, I can say all black spots are nearly gone. One important thing is that it doesn't worsen the pore growing. The reason I have hesitation in using drugstore product is that I afraid my skin react badly and pore growing, you know once it grows, it is very hard to turn it back as a smooth skin. So far, I think it is quite satisfying in the function of minimising dark spots. 

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