Cultural Shock - Life in the UK and Hong Kong

I have recently moved to the UK to live for a while to experience life. I never know how much the life different is in the UK and HK until I live here. I want to write a blog post here to talk about the experience of a cultural shock that I have so far. 

A silent train: So it begins when I said goodbye to all my family and friends, carrying three luggages, two backpack in the airport with my husband. When I arrived the UK, jump into the train from the airport, suddenly, there is a sense of silent come up. I hear no voice in the train, everybody is so discipline and aware not to disturb people around them. No one talk loudly in the train. That is kind of weird for me as in Hong Kong, the busiest city in the world, everyone is rushing around, talking on the phone or talking with friends loudly in the train. There is no such thing of keeping quiet! 

A spacious area: The first things I notice when I get out of the train station is the environment. There is an endless green park in font of my eyes. Hong Kong is a very tiny place, there is so many high rise buildings as there is not enough space for people to live. A big green park is luxurious not to mention an endless one. My heart melts and feel that people here are so lucky to have spacious area to lay around on sunday, kids can play, run and jump. That is one thing Hong Konger can never get in their life. 

A relaxing lifestyle: After settling down, we rush to a shopping mall to buy some necessities. We notice the shops are closing up at 6, everybody are going home or going to the pub afterward. We have talked about this with our London friends and they told us that normally the shops will be closed up later on Thursday as this is the shopping day for them. Friday will be a pub day for drinks and Sunday the shops will be close at 5 as Sunday is suppose to rest and prepare for work on Monday.  That is pretty amazing for me as this is totally how a city/country works to affect the lifestyle of people live there. To control the lifestyle of people, it easy - by controlling the shop opening and closing hour.  In my Hong Kong mind set, there is no such things of shop closing earlier than 10 or even 11. I never afraid I don't have enough for shopping in Hong Kong, as the shop stay open till really late. Monday to Tursday for us is work day, we always work overtime and do not have time for shopping. We always go shopping or meeting friends on Friday as this is what we call Happy Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the FUN DAYS. We do all the shopping gathering on these two days and the shops wouldn't close until it very late as they won't waste any minutes to grab money! You close early, you lose the chance of earning. 

This in a way that change my lifestyle dramatically. When I live in Hong Kong, I would normally wake up really late on the weekend as I work hard and tired and weekend is the best time for me to sleep and recover. I can always do all the shopping and stuff when I wake up and I can play till midnight.

While I live in the UK, I will need to sleep early as I will need to wake up early the next day to ensure  I can go buy all the stuff I want in the morning, I can always sleep after 5pm or 6pm as there is nothing to do anyway. 

To summary what I feel so far, Hong Kong is a very busy city with everything happened all the time, while UK is a very quiet relaxing country. There  is no good or bad on the above, it is just what kind of lifestyle I prefer. 

There is only one month I am with this country, I'm sure I will continuous finding out more about the cultural differences, and I would definitely embrace and respect both location's charm.


  1. I am looking forward to move abroad later on in life and I bet I would face a culturalshock. Hope you continue to enjoy your life in London.

    1. Yes.. Moving abraod is definitely an experience. I would keep on sharing this here and see how I adapt to it.

      Thanks for your support and I hope you would enjoy your life too! :)