What I use to travel around London - Citymapper

The first time I travel from Hong Kong to London, the most scary thing for me would be the super massive get to everywhere tube map. I have no idea how to begin my journey by just looking at the complicated map. 

My husband later introduce me with an phone app called Citymapper. It is so easy to use and if you know your current position and your destination, it can simply get you to everywhere. I can't be more thanksful to have this app and now I can go to everywhere I want. 

1) Type your start and end location. It will then suggest you on how you can get there, cycle there or travel there. 

For the travelling suggestion, the information is very comprehensive, it will show you the most convenient or quickest bus / tube. It also show you the traveling time and cost. So you can decide if you would go for the cheaper option or quicker option. 

2) Preplan your journey. If you are planning your journey ahead for tomorrow, you can always click the "Now" button in the top right hand corner, this way you can choose the exact travelling time for tomorrow. This the tube, bus may not work overnight, so this function can take into account on the exact time's traffic situation and provide you with more accurate suggestion for you. 

3)  City Map. When it suggests you to walk to certain location or to get to the bus/tube station, you don't need to go to the google map, you can simply click and extend the map and it will guid you there. 

Remember to open your location services in your phone sitting (for i phone: Setting ->Privacy->Location Service (On) ). The app will instantly locate you and lead you to the destination like google map does. 

4) Bus Map. If you are travelling by bus, the next question for you would be " how do I know when I should get off? " Citymapper provides a function of showing all the bus stop (with the name of the bus stop as well) With your location services on, it shows you where the bus is travelling, which station it reached and you can easily locate your same and understand when you should get off. 

Of course the phone locator maybe slightly delayed, it is always good to understand from the citymapper on which bus station you should get off and listen to the bus announcement regarding the name of the next bus station.

5) Tube/Rail Map. Sometimes even the mapper has provide you will the information, you would still want to understand the whole picture and see if there is any other way to travel. The app has provide you with the Tube Map and Tube/Rail Map. This way you can have a full picture of where are you travelling to and how the app is leading you. This kind of comfort me a little. 

I'm sure there is still so many functions I need to explore regarding this app and I will share with you if I found out more. 

Please let me know if you enjoy using it or you found any other app that do simular or better function! 

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